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Mircea Bogdan Stanciu

Passionate about graphic design, web development and web-mapping, I am always looking for projects that will challenge me.

I ramble with: Html, Css, Javascript, Python, Photoshop and Illustrator


I love them. It might seem easy, but they require all my attention.

Mastering the pixel leads to graphic perfection!

theRetro Kingdom

This logo was designed as the brand image of a store that sells retro gaming gear. It won a contest where it stood out from 70 other designs.

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It started out as a free Wordpress blog but after a few experiments I switched to Jekyll, the static site generator. With Jekyll I got to work hands on with templating, SASS and Github.

I write about web and design, documenting experiences as time goes.

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Mef-It Solutions

logo concept

Santa animated map marker

An SVG marker animated with Greensonk and designed for a winter themed map. I've also made a simpler animation with SMIL to work with Leafleat.

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